Transformation journeys unite the power of social, environmental and digital technologies to generate positive impacts on business and society.

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Noronha Plástico Zero
Rio de Impacto
Compra Mais
Scale Up Rio
Oceano Sem Plástico
Construção Cultura Sustentabilidade

Noronha zero plástico

Iönica + Minus 1 Trash + Fernando de Noronha’s Management + Heineken


It’s a set of integrated actions of education and communication that aims to raise awareness, engage and mobilize Fernando de Noronha residents and tourists to ban plastic disposable on the archipelago.

The developed action plan gives prominence to the

population and it’s an example that can become a reference in sustainable public policies to other territories in Brazil and the world.

Rio de Impacto

Iönica + MateriaBrasil + Sebrae


We developed and mediated Rio de Impacto meetings, Sebrae’s Public Policy Management  initiative that brings together positive impact entrepreneurship support organizations.

The goal was to connect, develop and expand a plural ecosystem to foster and strengthen social and environmental impact businesses in Rio de Janeiro.

Compra Mais

Iönica + MateriaBrasil + Sebrae


We facilitated a meeting of the consultant team of Sebrae program Compra Mais. A program developed to encourage micro and small businesses to become Municipalities’ suppliers.

We stimulate reflection and generation of new ideas and proposals for 2019-2020 biennium from the perspective of positive social-ecological impact through a process of awareness and investigation.

Scale Up Rio

Iönica + MateriaBrasil + Sebrae


We identify and map the main challenges of Sebrae Scale Up Network entrepreneurs to co-create a cycle closure and networking interaction seminar.

At the meeting, we gathered from the attendants information about values, opportunities and obstacles of this network in order to support a strategic planning for Urban Economy Coordination Group that is responsible for this project.

Oceano Sem Plástico

Iönica + MateriaBrasil + WWF


How to reduce plastics’ environmental impact in the oceans? In collaboration with MateriaBrasil, we have made strategic planning based on challenges and opportunities that this global WWF goal raises for the Brazilian context.

In addition to the research work, we held a seminar and an exhibition panel during the 3rd edition of the New Economies Festival, the CollaborAmerica.


Iönica + MateriaBrasil +  Praya Beer


From a self-development to build a sustainability culture to inspire all its flow, we have built a sustainable culture to Cerveja Praya, from its operational to strategic levels.

Based on a transformation journey, we implemented a set of improvement actions, identifying required resources, time, energy and involved stakeholders.