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Think about the future of environment, society and economy is to think about the Future of business. We want to accelerate the transition from acting models towards a culture of sustainability, developing and implementing positive impact socio-ecological strategies and initiatives.




We base and apply the principles of "The Natural Step" methodology, a reference in researching and implementing sustainability strategies with thousands of companies, municipalities, academic institutions and non-profit organizations. By combining it with recognized tools and processes, we facilitate action and we achieve more quickly integrated sustainability: economic, social and environmental.

The Natural Step is an international nonprofit organization, founded in 1989 by Karl-Henrik Robèrt, inspired by the Brundtland report and currently has 12 licensed offices and 54 global strategic partners.


We incorporate and apply the tools of the Future Fit Business Benchmark, a methodology that helps organizations define and implement the goals they need to bring sustainability to the core of their business. We became the first Accredited Partner organization in Latin America.

Unlike common classifications, Future Fit moves the axis of best practice to the sustainability break-even, through sound science and holistic observation of the system. A wide range of businesses, from startups to global companies and investors, are using the Future-Fit Business Benchmark to chart a path to success in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.


Goma is an interdisciplinary association of entrepreneurs, people and companies driven and aligned for the same purpose of fostering creative and collaborative economies through network entrepreneurship and social impact business. Over the course of 6 years, we have shared a coworking space in the port region of Rio de Janeiro that has promoted a major laboratory for design, sustainability and social innovation through shared circular management, horizontality and new forms of ownership.


We are proud to have experienced this beautiful story since its foundation that has contributed to hundreds of relevant projects and businesses impacting the Rio scene. Today we are contributing to the process of reframing Goma as a Network.

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